Galen’s first visit to Royston

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I’ve been going back through 10 years of photos and came across the ones I took in November 2005 when Galen was only a few months old.  This was a weekend trip to visit my Butch in Royston, GA.   Geneva came up to see the new member of the Bragg family as well.

Here’s a teaser.  Click the image to go to the gallery for the rest:

Galen and his Granddad, napping the afternoon away.

Galen and his Granddad, napping the afternoon away.

How about a photo of Galen?

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I have updated the gallery with a few photos of Galen and Wendi taken on the 15th at a friend’s birthday party.  It was a wild afternoon of screaming kids and laughing parents.   There are worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Galen at his friend's 5th birthday party.

.. long live Dreamland Visions!!

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Dreamland Visions is dead.. long live Dreamland Visions!

After way too many years with a hand built, manually updated photography gallery site, I finally popped a cap in the head of that monstrosity of tables and frames.

The new site is built on WordPress and Gallery2 with other tech in the works for other suuuuuper-seeekrit plans (queue maniacal laughter).

Here’s the link, go there.   Just don’t do it from work.  You should know me better than that by now.

Dreamland Visions Photography

DragonCon TV – Klingon Apartment

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For the first time in 15+ years I undertook a serious video editing project.  I am grateful to have been given the chance to do a bit for DragonCon TV.

Klingon Apartment [DCTV 2010]

Let me know what you think.  I didn’t write or shoot it, just the editing and sound effects.

It feels damned good to be doing this again.  It’s something I moved to Atlanta to pursue as a career.  Why I didn’t is a topic for a much longer, introspective, volatile and depressing post.


I’m gonna be a granddad!

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Well, technically a step-granddad.   Wendi got a call from her son, Justin (living with the paternal unit out in Arkansas) this weekend to let us know his fiance is pregnant.

Not sure how I feel about being even a step-granddad before I’m even 40.

I feel old now.

Get off my lawn!  (guess I need to start practicing that now)


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Ok, the link to the new photo gallery is on the right.  Nope.. down.. down.. up.. there!  You got it.


New Blog

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Yeah, it’s yet another blog.   I’ve been using Livejournal, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Tribe, and gods know what else for years.   I may even still have an account on some old 80’s BBSs that are still up.

Time to bring it all home and under my own banner.

I’m not going to do a full content dump of all of those other sites here.  Links to them will be in the sidebar eventually.

For now, this is just where I can babble about all the mundane inanities that go on in between the Burning Man regionals, arts festivals, photo shoots, data center blackouts, and all those other things that help keep the makers of blood pressure meds in fur coats and Porches.

So without further to do, and because it’s already 1:10am on a work night, I’m going to close this missive with a note to all of my family.

Note: (see, said it was going to be a note) I put all of the pictures of Galen that were on my Flickr up in the gallery now.   Go there and see him in all his 5 year old hyperactivity.

Link in the next post.