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Not dead yet!

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We’re all still here. A lot has happened in the year or so since my last post. A brief synopsis:

  • We moved to a new house. Still a rental, but much, much nicer and larger than the last one. I still miss the loft though.
  • Got caught in the Weather Channel layoffs and rebounded right back to work across the street at CBeyond in less than 8 days. Didn’t even miss a pay check.
  • Wendi ended up in the hospital in December for 3 days. She’s fine, but needs about $10k in dental work.
  • Galen’s growing like a weed and wants to learn JAVA so he can “make mine craft mods because it doesn’t do what I want it to!”
  • Bought a van to haul all my photo gear and models around in. It’s going to be great for Alchemy too. No more tetrising our camp gear into a small trunk. Now we can pack All the Things!
  • Brian moved back to Orlando. He’s much happier and to be honest, he should never have left there. It’s his home.
  • More fun stuff coming down the pipe and with pics to prove it. I’m getting back into video again too. Yea me!

That’s it for now.


Curled up with a good book.

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Galen fell asleep reading a new book Wendi and I gave him this weekend.

Galen curled up with a good book.

Galen, asleep curled up with a good book.

Christmas 2010

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We had our family gathering for Christmas in December for a change this year.  Usually, the logistics of getting everyone together in one spot for a day means we do Christmas in January.   This year we actually made it in December.

Here’s the proof (image links to gallery):

The closest thing to a 'full family' shot I could get.

The closest thing to a 'full family' shot I could get.